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A Message from the Owner and Founder

I'm Garrett Holcomb, I've been in the construction industry since 2016 and began specializing in windows in 2018 with Supreme Windows! We began our journey in Tyler, TX, with hopes of keeping the American dream alive by knocking on doors and warehousing windows in my garage. The response was overwhelming, and we received hundreds of 5-star reviews and put us into the position to continue to grow into other territories! In 2022, we decided to venture into the Dallas-Fort Worth area, putting our elite customer service to the test. As a window replacement specialist, I spent 18 month's meeting with homeowners in their own homes to gather information about what people were looking for in a window replacement company. One things I found out very quickly is the hardest part about wanting to improve the look of your home with a simple construction project is the shopping process. You have to call up 3 companies that results in a salesperson wasting your time with lengthly sales pitches. 42% of consumers work 40 hours a week and 39% work more than 40 hours. Your time is important and you shouldn’t have to sit through a sales pitch in your free time. We soon developed an innovative process that allows you to receive a turnkey accurate window estimate simply by uploading photos to our website with no additional information required just photos. The construction industry has been stuck in its ways for far too long and I believe all construction projects should be done this way not just windows. In 2024 I decided to open that door and begin the journey by rebranding Supreme Windows to RenoView. RenoView will be known for a fast innovative way to complete construction projects right from the palm of your hand and like all online shopping money is saved! Our mission will be simple, every homeowner across the US should have access to RenoView and enjoy their shopping experience when it comes to construction. We immediately expanded into other big cities across Texas with the hopes of servicing all big cities in the year to come. Innovation will be the key to this, the view of your home should be exactly how you envision it, so renovate that view right from the palm of your hand with RenoView.com

Thank you,

Garrett Holcomb
Owner and Founder

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